Easiest Stability Exits

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Just keep jumping, you will learn to get steady fast and make use of the relative wind. I didnt really learn the hill well until I did some linked exits with experienced jumpers and they help make the exit go smoothly. Then you start to realize what to do especially if you analyze video.

My favorite easy exit would be rear float. You are already facing the relative wind. Just step off and arch while looking up at the plane. If you can do this then every other exit becomes similar in that you face the relative wind on exit.

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When I first started, the first couple of seconds, I failed to do what I had planned to do. Maybe the diveflow was where my brain was at and not on the exit. First things first! I knew what to do but just failed to do it. At that time I was doing static line jumps. My exit was hanging from the strut of a C-182. I had been instructed to get the go cue from the instructor, arch, look at the bottom of the wing, release, and watch the plane. After he said Go, I would just release and my exit was not as planned.

After understanding that my focus was not where it should be, I told the instructor, "This is what I am planning. Before I look at you for my cue/permission to release (from hanging) I am going to mentally revisit my exit steps. I will then look at you for the cue. If you think I have froze up or something, just give me 5 seconds to finish that task". So I got into position and thought to myself,......"I am going to do this, this, this, and watch the plane".

By revisiting the steps I needed to do for my exit, I was able to "remember" them better. I still practice that today. I fly wingsuits and one specific suit that I have, I must think about the extra force needed to keep the leg wing tightly shut when I exit. If I get ready to exit and then think "Keep those knees tightly together", I have better results with controlling that aspect of the exit, because that step is fresh in my mind.
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