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Hey everyone, just joining this full on party and wanted to say hi to everyone. Damn this sounds like a AA meeting intro...
But my story's pretty much the same as everyone else's here. I friend of mine talked me into jumping at Perris about a month ago after talking about it for years. I figured I'd just go straight to AFF and jump without some guy spooning me in midair, so I signed up for AFF1. Besides, I knew at the very least, I'd "like" it, since I've climbed for years and actually liked taking long (if safe) falls and loved heights. You all can guess what happened. It's a short but sordid story of spending every subsequent day off finishing AFF (no repeats, yay!), taking the packing courses, and doing my first solo jumps.
It's hard to describe the draw of jumping to others. It's not really the adrenaline rush (though it's pretty fun to look down from 13k, realize you'll die if things don't work out properly, then jump out anyway) that gets me out there. Maybe it's the sense of freedom and leaving the earth with all it's problems behind. It all came together yesterday on the sunset load. I was the last one out of the plane as the sun sank low on the horizon, casting an orange glow through the door of the plane and the landscape below. I took second to breathe in the scene and then rolled out the door. I didn't notice the 120 mph wind, the ground rushing up to meet me, but only the feeling of being free and airborne as the sun raced me down. I did some backloops, barrel rolls, then a little tracking back towards the DZ and everything just seemed so fluid and natural. After being caught by my nylon friend, I floated gently to the ground, touching down with a perfect landing in a light wind. Perfect jump. I stood there for a bit, looking up, jealous of the birds flying lazily by above me, and smiled.
I'm going out there again as soon as I can though it's supposed to rain the next few days. All my friends think I'm crazy, and maybe I am. I'm like the little lab rat pushing that bar to get the cocaine fix over and over (anyone read those studies?)
Anyway, just introducing myself to you all!


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