Rich Johnston, D-134

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Hi folks,

I first met Rich on the dz at Snohomish, WA 50 yrs ago this summer. He was a likeable guy with an infectious laugh.

He started jumping in the late 50's in the Portland, OR area. Wanting to jump more, he moved to Snohomish, joined the Seattle Skydivers & rented a small apartment on the airport.

In either '62 or '63, he and three other guys set a world record. It was Accuracy, 4 men, Night, from 2,000 meters, without delay ( a hop & pop ). In those days it was very unusual for any civilians to set world records; the Army guys seemed to have a rather good lock on them.

In the late 60's he relocated back to the Portland area & we would get together for the occasional lunch. About 5-6 yrs ago he suffered a massive stroke and spent the remainder of his life in a care facility. I visited him a few times but he simply did not know who I was.

I read in the paper that he had passed away about two weeks ago.

Blue skies old friend,

Jerry Baumchen

PS) In the mid-60's he bought a Security CrossBow rig; he was the only guy that I ever knew who could cram two reserve pilot chutes in the container.

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