Scotty Carbone

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Ahhhhh yes! The Electric KoolAid jump.... Oh, I did love those 'album covers'!....lol

Everyone just knew that Scotty would hum this one low....!!

Practice random acts of kindness, and senseless beauty...

And, give money for Mr Douglas! www.mrdouglas.org

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Good day all,

Sorry to chime in on this late...

My buddies at my local DZ here in Florida were just talking about him. What an awesome guy he was, crazy awesome (literally)!

The last time I saw him was at both the WFFC and in Lake Wales.

Hating the costs and pains of a dental visit myself, this is just rediculous. Everyone attacks me for this "risky sport" I engage in - Regardless on how many times I try to explain that I got a greater chance of getting hurt DRIVING to the DZ than "what I do AT the DZ"!

I'll have to add "dentistry" to the most risky things you can do. Skydiving and BASE jumping off the radar. LOL

Only GOD can decide when it's your time.

BSBD Scotty...
Fly High ... Don't "Get High"!

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The two memories of Scotty that I have, one at Bill Booth's house in 1980 for a party. I see a Pitts Special fly over doing aerobatics at about 1000' then one last aileron roll and Scotty drops out when it was inverted. The other memory was summer of 1980 at about midnight hanging around Dupuis' hanger and Scotty comes up with beer in hand looking for anyone that wanted to climb some tower out in middle FL to make a BASE jump. Made the jump as the sun was coming up.
Irony: "the History and Trivia section hijacked by the D.B. Cooper thread"
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