Ty Baird - In Loving Memory

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Fly free to one of the most influential, dynamic and innovative tunnel flyers in the world...


"In 2007, after a tandem jump in Australia, Ty knew he wanted to be a skydiver. Ty spent his first year in San Diego, CA where he begin learning how to skydive, and then moved to Europe where over the next 5 years he sought every opportunity to learn and progress in the sport. Ty quickly made a name for himself as a talented and innovative flyer. Then, in 2012, Ty moved to Europe where he began working as a wind tunnel instructor in Prague. By 2014, in only two short years, Ty became the Chief Instructor at Flyspot in Warsaw Poland, and today is considered one of the best tunnel flyers in the world."

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I heard that too until I saw this post from Inka.

"Soon we are also ready to tell the story of what happened. A tragic accident but we have found out so much more than what we were thinking of what happened in the beginning. It was not an avalanche."

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