Passing of Tim Morrison (Peanut)

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Peanut was a gentleman, a great and fun skydiver, a team mate, and a friend. I'll miss him when I'm in Houston.

Wendy P.
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Copied from Facebook


From: Tami Morrison
Date: June 13, 2015 at 4:24:19 PM CDT
Subject: Tim's Update
Wanted to let everyone know that my love of 35 years, passed away yesterday (Friday, June 12th) shortly after noon.

Since the tracheotomy on Easter weekend, he steadily declined in health, although he was still walking the dog and flying only 3 weeks ago. He went into the hospital on May 28th for 10 days due to high blood sugar brought on by the steroids he was taking. Unfortunately, while he was there, he contracted pneumonia and developed a blood clot in his right arm. He came home Monday afternoon to home hospice care, but the breathing problems persisted. He passed peacefully during an afternoon nap, with me holding his hand, and his sister next to him.

We will be having a memorial service at Davis Greenlawn Funeral Home on July 11 at 10 AM, followed by a party to celebrate his life at our home. There will also be an ash dive, which is tentatively scheduled for June 27th at Spaceland drop zone near Rosharon, TX.

More details of the final arrangements and times will come in the next update.

Best regards to all his/our wonderful friends and family,
Falcon 74, Eagle 110, NFS 407, GW-2945, DW-1641, DDW-1151, "Inga... elevate me"

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Peanut was a truly awesome person. He was a quiet, unassuming gentleman and a top-notch skydiver. I was honored to have him as a friend for the past quarter century and will remember him dearly as a person who always walked the walk.

Peanut was one of the guys.

See you on the other side, buddy.
Chuck Akers
Houston, TX

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He was one of those guys I knew for, at least, the last quarter century. We didn't socialize or skydive in the same circles, but I always admired him. That 400 on his jump suit was something special to me.
Russell M. Webb D 7014
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That 400 on his jump suit was something special to me.

Being on the 400-way world record one might think he would be kind of a stuck-up and snobby Skygod type. But not Peanut. He would jump with anyone, on any size dive. I spent a lot of time with Peanut jumping in several small grass crop-duster airfields out in the prairie, using C-182's and C-206's, with small groups of fun jumpers. He could and would do it all.

He was also a private pilot, and a back-packer that would go on long-distance multi-day hikes carrying all his gear on his back.

He messed up his ankle on a landing a few years ago, and for a long time afterwards his run-out landings were kind of a funny hop, skip and jump technique, as he tried to keep his weight off the bad ankle. It didn't stop him from jumping though.

His wife Tami was also an accomplished jumper at the old Spaceland DZ.

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