Chuck 'Hoss' Feser 5/2/15

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Chuck Feser passed peacefully in his sleep following an extended battle with cancer.

Chuck started jumping in 1978 and was a familiar face at Midwest boogies for decades.

Member of the Lincoln Sport Parachute Club & Liberty Parachute Team...Chuck held many ratings and was one of the best 'all round' jumpers I know.

The first time I met Chuck, he picked me up at the Omaha airport in his ratty ole T-Bird.

We had to kick over the empty pizza boxes and soft drink cans so I could sit down…we were headed to Malvern, Iowa to get ready for an airshow.

The conversation was nonstop the whole way there…on arrival at the team leaders place, Doug came out and tried to make a ‘formal’ introduction.

Chuck and I looked at each other and bust out laughing.

In that short hour long ride, though unspoken…
we both realized we’d be lifelong friends and couldn't wait to get it started.

I got to work with Chuck a lot in his 20-some years we jumped demos together, with Liberty Parachute Team.

He was the consummate professional, no task to difficult ~ no detail overlooked.

Trust is paramount when jumping out of an airplane at night with fireworks strapped all over you…with Chuck it wasn't even a concern.

He was one of the best!

We had a decade long tradition of jumping a little airshow in northern California together, just the two of us.

…we did it for no pay just expenses, because it gave us a few days to ‘catch up’ and just have fun.

I can’t help but smile as I recall in minds eye, Chuck in his jumpsuit on a 95 degree afternoon, parachute over one shoulder - 40 pound flag over the other -

With a tri-tip sandwich & a large coke in his huge paws…down on one knee talking to some 7 year old kid about Skydiving and making that kid feel like he was the most important person on the airport.

With Chuck kindness was an instinct, his strength of body and spirit unmatched.

As with everyone in his world, he made my life better just by being himself.

Ole Hoss set the bar pretty high, no question there!

Go easy my brother…I’ll see ya when I see ya.

5 Left & CUT!

~ If you choke a Smurf, what color does it turn? ~

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He told some of the best stories, was a great instructor, helped around the dz even after he could no longer jump, and always had a smile on his face even through the pain of chemo & surgery. He & his hugs will be greatly missed!

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Some time ago, Chuck was at a small midwest DZ for a turbine weekend. There he met a 30-jump noob and spent over half a day and several jumps mentoring the new jumper about everything from gear, aircraft safety, spotting, exits, canopy flight, etc. This was before there were 'coaches'. He was not asked to do any of this and was paying for his jumps just like everyone else.

Thank you, Chuck. I will always remember your patience and generosity. Stomp the peas once for me.

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