John Wayne

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One of my Skydiving mentors and a real life renaissance man passed yesterday...somewhat fitting on Superbowl Sunday.

From my first day at the dropzone I knew I would stay in the sport if there were people like John Wayne in it.

I remember practicing PLF's when a red '67 rag top Vette rolled up and that blue eyed, blond haired guy with a million dollar smile hopped out and welcomed us to Skydiving...He truly was larger than life.

When he was in High School a teacher use to give him a hard time about his name...one day he'd had enough, knocked the guy out with one punch - left school that day and joined the Army.

Special Forces in Vietnam was a walk in the park for John...heck everything the guy did was full bore wide open.

Highly skilled demo jumper that pushed me beyond what I thought I could do both in the sport and in life.

He was a pilot, he raced everything with wheels on it...a master rigger that without asking - paid for and replaced my shot and a halfs with R3's because they were safer and I was broke. B|

He was a commercial diver for the Army Corps of Engineers...he worked on dams under water all over the Midwest, he's go skydiving to relax & do something safe on the weekends! :ph34r:

John just released his 3rd or 4th book a month ago, just like the stories he told in person - simply captivating.

It's a small number of people I met through this sport and have kept close contact with for 40 years...funny, but I knew from that first day that we would be friends for life.

One of my favorite John Wayne quotes from back in the day was -
"The best RW jumper in the world wouldn't amount to a pimple on the ass of a DEMO JUMPER!"

Blue Skies my Brother - and like the bumper sticker in the back of "48 Bravo" said... God Bless John Wayne!

~ If you choke a Smurf, what color does it turn? ~

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sorry for your loss Jim. What a great mentor!!


Thanks Tony, he was a heck of a guy. He was one of those people that pushed ya to be better in all things...

Took me on my first demo...I had 22 jumps and was on a Papilon, went into a baseball stadium wearing smoke.

His encouragement and help made it ~ and lots of what came after possible. B|

I remember John sitting down with my dad at the dropzone not long after I started jumping...he explained what the sport was all about. How I was progressing and said he'd keep an eye on me.

His kind don't come around very often...he'll be missed!

~ If you choke a Smurf, what color does it turn? ~

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