Blue Skies Skydiverbry (Bryan Gaal)

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I've received information that Bryan passed sometime over the weekend. :( He was a friend to many of us over the years and I'd like to think that our community helped him keep his spirits up during the tough medical times that he experienced the last few years. He seemed like he would have been a fun guy to hang out with at the dropzone. ...here's to you, Bryan! You were a good guy!
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Oh man.....im so sorry Bry. Our injuries are so similar that he and I formed a friendship and bond based on them. We used to talk quite frequently about our current hotrod builds and his Jeep rockclimber.
I certainly dont know why he is gone but will miss our conversations.
Go easy my friend.

Pain is fleeting. Glory lasts forever. Chicks dig scars.

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He was one of the first people to friend me on here and never minded answering my many questions. He also passed on so much advice from skydiving to dating(basically don't date a skydiver ) to telling me to get a tougher skin around people. I think he gave me the most encouragement to get my jump in and at the same time gave me the most crap about not jumping yet. I'll also mention his wicked sense of humor. I think he sent me every skydiving accident video out there, then get on me for not having jumped yet.:P

Bryan, thanks for being a friend and you still owe me that pot of coffee.
Blue skies and laughter!!!

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Believe me I tried.

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I just visited Bryans FB page since I was going to shoot him a message...

Blue skies my friend!!

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