Eli Hofmann (D 16286) 21.5.1963-3.8.2013

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USPA D 16286
FAI-Licenses: D 322, E 135, F 86, G 49
Jumps 6600 including more than 600 Tandems

On August 3rd Eli Hofmann lost her longtime battle against cancer.

Eli started jumping 1985, 1989 she started working fulltime on a DZ. in 1991 she got her AFF-rating in the U.S. and openend the first professional rigging-loft in Vienna (Eli's Fallschirmshop), she earned her Masterrigger in 2006, As the owner of a rigging-loft she had contacts to all major manufacturers worldwide

Among the many accomplishments she made were a vice-worldchampion in skysurf (1979 in Efes/Turkey), cameraflier for Dale Stuart plus she was the first and in fact the only long-time female TI in Austria (first Vector, later Strong only).

Eli is sorely missed. eternal blue skies!

Pic 1: Eli Hofmann & Dieter Ritter in Efes (1st & 2nd left side)
Pic 2 & 3: Skysurfing over Arizona
Pic 4: Freeflying over Arizona with Rolf Brombach
Pic 5: Eli on her last jump, Dec 29th, 2012
The universal aptitude for ineptitude makes any human accomplishment an incredible miracle

dudeist skydiver # 666

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Liebe Eli,
du warst eine der wenigen Menschen die es vermochten in anderer Herzen Inspiration zu säen. Möge nun aus dieser Inspiration in vieler Menschen Herzen eine wunderschöne Blume gedeihen und als blühende Erinnerung in uns allen weiterleben.

Wir werden dich nicht vergessen....

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How very sad to hear of Eli's passing. I first met Eli at a PIA Symposium. Just before the dinner there, folks from all over the world were gathered in small groups visiting with each other. In the background was barely audible piped-in music. Suddenly, all that could be heard was the background music. All visiting stopped when Eli entered the room wearing heels and a leather skirt, white blouse and matching leather jacket. I'll never forget her smile. When I attended USAPR in Eloy to get my Masters, Eli was in the same group working on her Senior ticket and she would ask me for a little help with some project. Always up-beat and determined to be the best at what she did. She contributed a great deal to the sport of skydiving and she will be missed.


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