Lenn Taylor

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Still in a bit of shock over this one. Lenn was my friend. We spend many nights over cold frosty beverages at PKs. Did many an AFF jump together as main and reserve, switching roles half-way through a couple of times.

If nothing, he taught me how to go the extra mile with students. Even after getting my ratings, I would still enjoy watching him teach the FJC. I stole more of his techniques than he ever knew.

You will be missed my brother. BSBD.
The brave may not live forever, but the timid never live at all.

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On Saturday, August 2nd the majority of Lenn's ashes were released in the blue summer skies over Raeford Parachute Center. Lenn's daughter made her first airplane ride and first skydive as the focal point of the ash dive. Lenn's ashes were released in free fall by the Tandem Instructor and one of Lenn's original Skydiving Instructors. The rest of the Otter load observed in free fall from a respectful distance.

If you happen by Raeford and see a set of obnoxious yellow shoelaces, hear some Jimi Hendrix coming from the speakers, or spy a bottle of Fireball whiskey you know LT is there. If you stand still for a short time, know that a large portion of the skydivers passing by were trained by ".5C" While you're there, stop by the S2G gear store or my team room and look at his artwork, a testament to his talent, his intellect, and his passion for the things he loved.

The time I knew Lenn seems so short, but we were closely connected on many levels. Earlier this year he paid me one of the biggest compliments I have ever received. I will think of him often and crack a smile, raise a glass, and vow to never forget . . .
Arrive Safely


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