Bill Wood

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Bill passed away this morning from heart failure. He was happy and passed quickly.

Here's to a great man who touched so many lives, kept positive and inspired so many. He lived a full life and will be greatly missed.

He was at Skydive Carolina last Saturday for Safety Day, smiling and joking like always. Preliminary plan is for an ash jump on Sunday.

Blue Skies - Fly Free My Brother
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There was a wake for him a few years ago when he was really sick. He recovered and started jumping again. :)
Blue Skies Forever

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We had an excellent turnout for Bill's memorial.
His family brought a lot of his memorabilia to display at the DZ;photos, old magazines, awards and the like.
Everyone including me was digging though the stuff and going down memory lane. It was great.

We did an 18 way ( 19 with Bill...) Ashe dive just the way Bill would have done it himself.

Thanks to everyone for their efforts and especially Steve Vaughan for putting this together in short notice.

Blue Skies my friend!

Skyworks Parachute Service, LLC

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