Petty Officer 1st Class Nicolas D. Checque (SEAL)

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One of the most rewarding things I have ever done on this earth is take people, whether it be warriors or civilians that know nothing about freefall and teach them how to fly.

My heart dropped when I clicked on the CNN link and there was a picture of Nick looking back at me, I knew exactly who it was without even reading his name.

I had the honor of being Nicks Military Freefall Instructor to earn his basic freefall wings during his career. I remember from jump #1 he was a rock solid jumper and the only student I have EVER had to tell that he was to relaxed in the air! It was a short 30 day course, but jumping with him multiple times a day and getting to know him was an honor. It was quite a few months after he graduated and he had went back to his unit that we met up again. He recognized me from across the parking lot while on a training trip and came over to say hello. I turned around and couldn't remember his first name, but I remembered his last name and who he was instantly. I'm pretty humble and I thought it was pretty special that he recognized me and came over to say hi and to see what was going on. Thats just the way he was.

Nick left a lasting impression on me that will last for the rest of my life and you will be missed by many. Way to soon...Blue Skies Nick. 08 Dec 12 Afghanistan

We're not fucking flying airplanes are we, no we're flying a glorified kite with no power and it should be flown like one! - Stratostar

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I am so sorry that you (we) lost a terrific person! I am so glad for you, that you got to know him personally. I am so glad for him, that he had you, (someone who obviously cares) as his instructor, mentor and fried.

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At the base where I worked they use to play the song Angel Flight whenever we had someone being brought home. It was so touching. But, with someone that jumps, they don't need the plane, they got their wings already, if you know what I mean
No matter how slowly you say oranges it never sounds like gullible.
Believe me I tried.

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