Blue skies Brian Fischer 6-22-07 (Skyfish1)

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It's been 5 years since I lost my best friend, a Chicago D licensed skydiver who jumped at many drop zones around the country, including a few WFFC (jumped the jet and other craft) and was a truly unique human being. You know the saying about a guy, "Jack of all trades, master of none". Brian was the master of all those trades, because he spent the time, put in the effort until he got it down. Whether it was the best Chicago pizza (anyone near where he had lived in MN had eaten), the most amazing homemade root beer, building a homebuilt Lancair plane, best Mojito ever, gardening, playing guitar and piano, etc., etc., etc.

Brian wanted to learn how to fly, so he bought a Cessna, got his license, and we flew it down to First Flight, Kitty Hawk in NC before his license was a month old. Brian bought another plane that he didn't have as much experience flying, got caught in some storm cells that popped all over the damn place on his way home to MN and crashed into a field.

His family and friends are no doubt thinking of him today, and missing the husband, the son, the father, the brother, the uncle and the friend. For those of you who may have met Brian over the years and wondered whatever happened to that guy, I'm sorry to pass along the news. For those that didn't, you would have loved him if you had gotten to know him.

As someone once said, if you're not living life on the edge, you're taking up too much space. Brian didn't take up too much space at all, except in our hearts and minds.

I included some pics of Brian with his wife Therese, other best (MN) friend Rob and his wife Jodi, and Brian with his Beech Bonanza the day before the accident.

I will add a few more pics of Brian later, that might help jog a memory of a past meeting or skydiving experience, including the Flying Elvises

Blue skies Brian.

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Brian lived his life large and did his best to teach by example. That is one of the many thoughts about Brian that I think comes to mind to those that knew him, on this day, 7 years later.

Wow what a really nice guy. Your friend was a good friend, and a good man. I'm truly sorry for your loss. I too have a friend that lost his life doing what he loved, I still miss him, much the same as you miss Brian. I'm truly sorry for your loss. God Speed.

Best Wishes-

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10 years have come and gone and the memories of great times together haven't faded. Brian is still vividly remembered and stories are repeated with the vigor that he showed in life. Picture included is of Brian, Jackie (my wife), me and Brian's mom Jo, who turned 95 earlier this year. We get together with Jo regularly, and I relish my visits to her home where she typically makes dinner for me, and we both tell loads of stories and laugh a alot. She is awesome!

The night that this picture was taken, almost 10 years to the day before his passing, apparently I told Jo that Brian and I were twins, but she kept Brian because he was cuter. We both still laugh at that one. Wish I remembered saying it, cause I think it was a pretty good line. Alcohol may have been involved, revealing a lack of lucidity.

Brian and I talked regularly about a future business revolving around flying, and both of us enjoyed Jimmy Buffett and his flying stories. In 1999, Brian gave me an inscribed copy of JB's "A Pirate Looks at Fifty" which directed me to read "The Double Life", included in the books Epilogue. I have read the book several times and enjoy it immensely, along with Brian's inscription to me.

I hope that all of you enjoy life as much as Brian did in his 43 years!
Blue skies Brian!!!!!

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