Robert Whitsitt - 8/22/10

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I've known Bob since he started at Antioch, about 30 years now. He was a skydiver in the purist sense of the word.
He would come out every 3 or 4 months because he needed to be in the sky. Wasn't interested in turning points, doing big ways, just needed to be 2 1/2 miles above the planet, floating in the sky. Every once in a while I'd ask him to join one of my loads but he'd usually say "I'm not really current, Mad John, and don't want to spoil your load". Once in a while I'd convince him to come with us. He'd usually show up, make a couple of jumps, then leave, didn't hang around.
A basic nice guy that just needed to skydive once in a while.

Blue Skies, Bob.


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You never know when you talk to someone that might be the last time. I spoke with Bob right before he got on the plane in the loading area. I didn't know Bob well but from what I could tell he was a pleasant person. Wasn't there to prove anything to anyone - just wanted to jump out of an airplane and be one with the sky.

I wish we knew what the hell happened.

Blue Skies Bob.
Losers make excuses, Winners make it happen
God is Good
Beer is Great
Swoopers are crazy.

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We'll be celebrating Bob's life with his friends and family this coming Sunday 08/29/10 at the drop zone.

All are welcome, whether they knew Bob or not. He was one of us, so we need to send him off in the usual way.

You know, the one that includes light refreshments and a good loud "Hymn".

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