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I was, and still am, bummed to hear of Chris' passing. I will always remember him making comments during my first wingsuit flight. "I've seen 2 x 4 boards that bend better than you!!" Nearing 100 jumps later, I've kept the faith!

Fly Hard with Blue Skies!!


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Damn, so sorry to hear this!

Chris took me out for my first wingsuit flight at the WFFC in '05 when the Birdman school turned me away because I was just a few jumps shy of 200. He loaned me a Prodigy and took me up for one last jump before I went back home, not even letting me pay for his jump ticket. I only knew him for a few short hours, but he completely made my year. He will be missed and remembered. :(
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Yeah, Chris was always a bit of a mad bugger... Had many a fine flight with him, as my avatar shows.

I still remember him showing up on the DZ for the first time with his van and it's new horn; I think it cost him $1,500 at least. It should have been fitted to a fire truck it was so loud! :D
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