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Well it goes without saying that I am shocked and I keep wondering what happened.

Peter was a good friend to me and we shared many thoughts and ideas. I will miss him, I am also thankful he was my friend as he was always honest and you knew where you stand with Peter.

Here are a couple of pictures I took awhile back.

Peace my brother and fly free.

Also this is the only info I can find at the moment related to his death.


Its a shame that true freedom only comes in death.
blic, blic, caw,caw

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Dear friends,

You might have already heard the sad news about our well known skydiver friend
Peter “Peter G” Gerencser, he passed away yesterday from a tragic accident.
Peter was an accomplished free flyer and photographer with over 11,000 jumps.
He loved skydiving and he never lost his passion for it.

Anyone looking to send condolences for Peter’s family can please direct them to:
[email protected]

As we know Peter made his living as free fly coach and videographer. We also know that a profession like this gives you a rich life but not wealth of money. Unfortunately his very small family is very limited financially.
So please help Peter’s family with some donations to pay for the expenses to return his ashes to his native country Hungary.

Donations are being accepted by Peter’s close friend Denes Gutai for the family.
Please use the following address:
Denesky LLC
Box: 248
Gardiner, NY 12525
Wachovia Bank: 2000018497014

Please forward this massage to all your skydiver friends.

Thank you for all your help!

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Got to know Peter at last years Mustang Beach Boogie. Stayed with him and 3 other guys in an RV. Was fortunate enough to get to spend his last few days with him. What a chill guy. No ego, no drama. I liked talking to Peter, he had a great way of expressing himself and his ideas about life, people and jumping. I am sad that I won't have the chance to get to know him more. My condolences to his family and friends. A picture of Peter and I after he flew in the right seat of the Otter with me 3 days ago.

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Peter is in a better place. He was a great free fly instructor and I got to know him in Sebastian in 2008 making 12 jumps with him while he helped me with safe free flying after watching him do tandem video at Orange VA for 2 seasons.. Blue skies, my friend!
Charlie Gittins, 540-327-2208
AFF-I, Sigma TI, IAD-I
MEI, CFI-I, Senior Rigger
Former DZO, Blue Ridge Skydiving Adventures

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Thefirst time I ever met him, I showed up at the DZ right as the first load was landing....I was walking out in the landing area to take a look around an unfamiliar place and he swooped right next to me and I mean RIGHT NEXT TO ME with a big ass grin on his face and said good morning as he sailed by me at mock 5....................fly free......

till later have fun & love each other seeya mb65johnny gates....
In skydiving, the only thing that stops you is the ground..............
PMS# 472 Muff #3863 TPM#95

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