BSBD Marty Barnett

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Marty was my grandfather's sister's son - whatever the hell relation that makes him to me. He was found dead at his computer this week.

He jumped quite a bit in the 1980's in North Carolina - I suspect at Carolina Sky Sports if they were around back then.

His family lived in Henderson, and I remember going out one day to watch him jump when I was 12 (1982) but he was weathered out. It was funny - I remember all the "adults" around me whining cuz he lived in a trailer and survived on fried okra and beer. Even at 12 that sounded like a good life to me I didn't see what the problem was!

He broke his leg sometime in the 80's and stopped jumping but I know he always still cared about skydiving because he always liked hearing my stories..

His services will be this week if anyone remembers him and would like to go.

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