Call for Gary Douris stories

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As you know memorials are where you hear touching, horrifying, funny, scary and just plain ridiculous stories about the deceased and I guarantee there will be some real doozies at Gary's aerial burial at Elsinore on the 14th. If you have any story, greeting, goodbye, lie, whathaveyou you'd like me to read for you please PM me and type it like my example that follows this paragraph. Do this by Friday night (even if late) to give me time to print them Saturday morning before I leave. I will be shooting a group shot of everyone there (possibly 100+) and will have that up early in the week so you can see who was there (and kick yourself for missing it).

Any instructions to me. Nothing above the separator will be read.

------------- separator ------------

Type your story exactly like you want me to read it. It can be long, short or a simple RIP Gary. Be specific and give as many details about the story as you can. Include the date, even if approximate, so people will know when it happened (I'll read them in chronological order to create a mini-timeline of Gary stories). Reread it a couple of times to make sure it's complete, then send it to me. Make sure you put "Gary Douris" someplace in the subject to make sure I know what it's about. This will be your last chance to laud/berate/thank/laugh-at/embarrass Gary publically. Go for it!

Include your full name, not your DZ.com username, so people will know who you are.

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