CSM Harry Parrish

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It has been a while since I was able to come back to this site, I'm busy playing the in the box at the moment. I just read in the Stars and Strips about CSM Harry Parrish. The sadness that engulfed me was immense and my level of anger is even more so. How do good people continue to die when we have others much more deserving. CSM Parrish to me was one of the most caring and understanding leaders I ever met.

Let me explain to you how someon like him meant so much to a pion like me. Many years ago Fort Campbell on an early Saturday morning I saw something buzz my window. I jumped up and saw parachutes flying by. Immediately I put on my clothes and ran down to Son DZ. Yeah I know, its not there anymore, a shame right?

So I arrived at the DZ and who did I meet? CSM Harry Parrish, Suzie Hanks, Auto, K-man, and Jose Malave. Harry as he wanted me to call him welcomed me like I was one of the jumpers. Suzie was the mother of the DZ and did the same. Funny thing, I thought Harry and Suzie were a couple because they ran the club so well. Harry explained to me he could train me right away but being afraid of heights I said I would wait. Many of you who knew me back then, know I was f!@#$ terrified of heights.

But every weekend I would show up and Harry and Suzie would encouraged me to learn to Skydive. I was a DZ goofer going to get lunch for the pilots. I remember everyone giving up 2 bucks to buy the BlackHawk Pilots lunch.

Harry sat me down and convinced me to learn. Suzi was the "MOM" reinforcing what "DAD" just said. I was given the following Friday off and Suzie was my instructor.

Harry would watch me jump and tell me how to control my canopy. Since then, I became a religious sky junkie. I remember, Harry telling me I would forget him, but he was wrong. I have remembered him and everyone else mentioned everytime I exited an aircraft. Because of Harry, I learned to control my fear of heights.

Since then I have competed in several Skydive Competitions and placed first with a Team at the Goldknights Invitational. I have done exhibition jumps as the team leader during football games. And I have done several high altitude night jumps. All because of the time Harry took to expose me into the world of skydiving.

Harry, thank you for taking the extra time to develop me into the Soldier I am today. Thank you for teaching me to trust my equipment and most of all have fun. I will miss you and will continue to remember you everytime I exit the aircraft. Blue skies CSM Harry Parrish, Blue skies,

Zulu, FFI I jumped with Susie, Mike Paiser (Susie and Mike got married this spring) on Sunday, talked to Otto last week when the bad news came, and see Jose' regularly. We are all grieving in the only way we know how, and that's jump in his memory. You could see his smiling face....
Keith Abner

"Those who do, can't explain; those who don't, can't understand"

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