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Writing that in the subject brought me to tears again.

Bruce (Fruce) died last week due to health problems in his shop in Temecula, CA. For the past few years Fruce had not been able to skydive due to his health, but stayed close to the sport as his screen printing business supplied many boogie apparel including Chick's Rock.

I am at a loss for words, Bruce was such a wonderful man, he believed and loved me like no other. He lived with such passion and had the insight and enlightenment that most people strive to attain their whole life.

My dear friend, you will be missed more than you will ever know. Thank you for loving me like you did, I will carry you always in my heart.

Blue Skies & Godspeed you..


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Noooo! I'm so said to hear this! :(:(:(

Bruce was a lot of fun back in the days when he was a postwhore on here. A few years ago, I traveled to Elsinore and Perris. My lodging arrangements fell through at the last minute and all it took was one pm from me to ask if he knew where I could stay and he offered his house. We had never met in person and really didn't have that many conversations before that, but he was so friendly, welcoming and was a great host.

You're right, he really did love you. He talked about you almost the entire time I was there. :)
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Bruce was such a giver... no matter who you were or your circumstances, he opened his arms.

I remember back when he was jumping (before his health declined) he was coming in for a swoop, and there were dust devils swarming the lading area.... most everyone was concerned with the main/student landing area, but no one was covering the swoop area.

I immediately noticed Bruce was setting up for a swoop in the direct path of a dust devil... my heart skippped a beat. He completed his swoop over the pond right into the dust devil. I don't think I've ever run so fast.... I was first on scene, had him in traction, assessed the situation, and he immediately started joking that he was ok.

I was uncertain about letting him up without calling emergency help - he refused. After a full assessment, I agreed to let him up. Bruce walked away, later to find out that he had broken multiple ribs. Silly boy!

I only spoke to Bruce a few short times thereafter... hearing this news has saddened me. God he was such a good man.... so loving, so humble... so giving.

I'm sorry that I was unable to make it to his memorial this eve... I'll be there for his ash dive.

Love to his Family, and Marissa.

Life immortal, love eternal!
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Fruce and I were close when he was in crosskeys, but we drifted our different ways . I almost moved out to live with him after college, but for various reasons it never happened.

Right before he left the east coast, I had a long conversation with him on the ride home from sebastian. He spoke eloquently about how important it was to find people that you could connect with...not those casual acquaintances, but those people who you knew were special and that good things would happen to you if you surrounded yourself with more people like them.

Bruce, you were an incredibly positive influence on my life, and I can soundly say that I don't think I would be where I am today had I not befriended you when I did.

I hope your last days were as happy and fulfilling as you deserved.

Methane Freefly - got stink?

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Well said D'Aless.

I too knew Fruce from the years we started skydiving together at Crosskeys. I regret not keeping in touch and hearing more about his new life in California, but I'm glad to know via this post that he continued to be true to himself and gracious to many other new friends.

Fruce was always accessible to me as I was transitioning from college to my professional life and despite the fact he was a high executive at Staples corp, he would always take my call, review my resume, and coach me through the interviewing process. I can't express how much he instilled in me a sense of work ethic and integrity and he helped shaped a sense of professionalism I'm very proud to say is a direct result of his advice. Most of all, his guidance to put my family first above career is what has meant the most to me.

I will miss him terribly. Please let me know of any arrangements, etc. as I wish to pay my respects.

Godspeed my friend. I'll always remember those fruce stickers.

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Oh my goodness - this is terrible. I too met Fruce from the CrossKeys crew and all the times he spent out in AZ at my home DZ in Eloy. When I moved to Elsinore I met up with him a lot, actually introducing him to the people he evolved his screen printing business from, giving a lot of input on the designs, giving him all of our Ground Zero business and then subsequently being the realtor for selling his house in Tuscany Hills. I hadnt spoken to him for about year, although he was always on my mind!

Such a great, great guy and surely will be missed!

To fly forever free!

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I was hoping this wasn't our Fruce. He was jumping at xkeys when I first started and he was always a blast to be around.

Who remembers when he "fruced" the action news reporter without her noticing? Or about his story driving across country and witnessing a terrible traffic accident, pulling the trucker out of the burning 18 wheeler, and leaving without recognition? Or the old grenade that he threw away, that the trash man found, that the police were called about, that caused an interesting phone conversation between him and the police?
I remember my first long skydiving trip, the night before I was flying out to Eloy we were out to dinner and Fruce was trying to talk me into going to California instead.

I knew he had migrated out west and I looked for him whenever I was at Elsinore. We never crossed paths...
Miss you old friend.

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