Our Beloved Marnie Fuller

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I just found out what happened and just feel terrible. I only met Marnie (and Fletch) two times, at the Z-Hills Christmas Boogies 2006-7. Marnie was just plain out one of the nicest, truest people I have ever met.

When I first met Marnie, we were doing 8-20 ways and I thought she made a great reference point in the formation with her colorful jumpsuit. The picture in May's Parachutist doesn't do it justice. She lit up like a neon sign.

We laughed about that. She laughed a lot about a lot of things. I like that. To me, skydiving is a lot about laughing, and I think Marnie thought the same.

In 2007, I had just got to Z-Hills, and from nowhere, somebody tackled me, giving me a big hug. It took a second to remember Marnie, but then I got on a big smile on to match the one I was getting.

We jumped on a lot of the same jumps that day, and laughed some more. She got a leg cramp and I helped her massage it out. We talked about the knee brace she wore, and I asked her if it was hard for her to track with it.

I don't really remember exactly what she answered, but more the feeling I got from her answer. "I don't care if it is hard, I am gonna do it".

Well the last I saw of her, she had just landed from doing the end of day 30way and she had this big smile from ear to ear.

When I saw her picture in Parachutist, I thought, "Wow, I know her. What a sweatheart. I am glad she is in there."

Then a friend told me what had happened, and I felt something like a spin myself. I have never understood why the FAA discontinued spin training, but that is a topic for elsewhere.

Fletch, I am so sorry for your loss. She was a great girl.

Marnie, I barely knew you, but I liked you a lot. I admire your spirit, your courage, your humanity, and your determination. The next time I am at Z-Hills, I am gonna take a moment and remember someone who's soul lit up like a neon sign.

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Gary, that was such a beautiful video and Marnie was such a beautiful person. You all have been in my thoughts. I feel so sorry for your loss. Marnie's smile was contagious and her eyes so full of life. With the small amount of time I have spent at FFE, when I saw her picture and heard her name, I knew who she was because she was one of the unforgettables who stood out.

Again, you have been in my thoughts and I am so sorry that you lost your love. I hope Tori is doing okay. The video brought tears to my eyes.

Blue skies to you, Marnie and Marnie's family and friends.
Roy Bacon: "Elvises, light your fires."

Sting: "Be yourself no matter what they say."

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WoW! How can it be 3 years already. There was a time I thought I'd never be happy again after losing you. I'm happy now, I hope you're happy for me. I believe you would be.

Tori is a beautiful young woman now. She's starting to take on your stubbornness. She has your smile and seems to have your zest for life. I'm sure you are SO proud as well you should be. She makes us all proud every day.

I think about you often...

Gary "Superfletch" Fletcher
D-26145; USPA Coach, IAD/I, AFF/I

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I put together a memorial video that we played at Marnie's services. I thought that some of you might like to see it. This is the Marnie I knew and loved.

Marnie's Memorial Video on YouTube

A beautiful tribute to a beautiful woman.

I never met her but I did speak to her on the phone a few times when I sold her my Fusion 210 canopy.

I hope and pray that time has begun to heal your pain...

Blue Skies,

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