Howard Skehan

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Howard died of Natural causes.......... He will sadly be missed by many.
My thoughts are with Denise and Howards family at this time.
Im sure there are many Howard stories so it would be good to see him remembered here.

One of the nicest guys i ever did meet.
My student,my neihbour,my personal doctor,my wawa coffee go getter.............My friend.

Howard will be greatly missed by many, He was just such a unique individual, i have many great memories with Howard i was lucky enough to be one of his Instructors when he learnt to jump at crosskeys............
Always passionate about his work i would look forward to his "stories" about his job a nurse, there were many and always very colorful!!!

Anyway if you new Howard even just a little then you would know he was a true friend.
Blue skies dude........

PS......... A season without Howards name in the Crosskeys"Naughty book" is going to be weird!!!!

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No idea where to start. On top of the wheel in Wildwood in the rain? My birthday in altered states? ER stories that made him laugh and us cringe... Too many to go into. One of the most knowing smiles on the planet. If you know Howard then you know what I mean...

Love you Bro.


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Two of my friends appear in Blue Skies this week. Howard Skehan and Wes Harberts. Both friends, both skydivers, both missed. It's days like these i think we all question our sport. The thing is, those we love we would not have if skydiving had not brought us together. For better or worse, family forever.

Much love to both my friends lost, and all those I still have.

Dean (Princess)

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