That crazy russian!

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Alex certainly made a big impression at Perris. We get a lot of teams and tourists who save up their money for dream vacations and serious training camps, but Alex must have broken all the records.

I'm sorry I never met him. I think I saw him in Square1 once, it seems appropriate that he was spending more of his dough on another canopy he was ordering.

Did anybody know the guy ? I'd hate to think he's only remembered for how rich he was. The guy must have had some kind of heart & soul.

Anyway, na zdorovya i sinee neba Alex.

Your humble servant.....Professor Gravity !

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You don't spend the kind of money he spent and get remembered for much else but yes I think he broke just about every record. Probably set a few that will not be broken anytime soon. I don't remember his personal best but I believe it was over 40 jumps in one day. He was going a little too fast for his own good though. Numbers do not reflect experience in all cases. I believe you need time to be seasoned as well. Too bad his candle burned out so fast.
Green Light
"Harry, why did you land all the way out there? Nobody else landed out there."
"Your statement answered your question."

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