Lowell Bachman

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issued by PIA

"Yesterday evening, Lowell Bachman passed away in his sleep.

Last week at the PIA Meeting and Symposium in Barcelona, Lowell washis usual self, although he did have some flu-like symptoms the last few days.

Per Lowell's wishes, a party celebrating and honoring his life will beheld at a future date the family requests that in lieu of flowers, donations be made to theNational Skydiving Museum - http://www.nationalskydivingmuseum.org"

Always a gentleman. My sincere condolences to Dori and his sons.

edit: For those who don't know Lowell was the founder and owner of ParaGear. As well as a long time jumper. Others who know his skydiving history better than I can supply that here. I knew Lowell through PIA.

Blue Skies Lowell
I'm old for my age.
Terry Urban

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I just got the horrible news myself. I was working with Lowell all week at the PIA symposium and nothing indicated any sort of a health problem.

This is indeed a sad event.

God speed Lowell. Now fly your tail off in the venue of Heaven!
Mike Turoff
Instructor Examiner, USPA
Co-author of Parachuting, The Skydiver's Handbook

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While I had heard his name before, the first time I met him was when he sponsored me for PIA...

Years later, in a PIA membership committee meeting, he asked me why more people like myself weren't active in PIA (sport jumpers / part-time riggers / non-full-time industry professionals)

While we talked about several reasons, one that I told him seemed to shock him... I said that as a newbie it is intimidating to walk into the meeting room filled with all the names you have ever heard in the industry and feel like you belong. (or at least won't get chased out)

This point seemed to humble, amuse and confuse him all at once... He said "Jim, you know me... why would I intimidate you?" I told him that now, no... of course not. NOW I knew that he was an approachable, funny, friendly guy but that as an outsider he was the head of PARAGEAR and one of the "NAMES" in the industry... (I had written large checks to him.)

Rather than getting a swelled head at this new perspective, he seemed to be humbled... chuckle... and then take the conversation into the direction of how to convince new/prospective members that they were welcome and that these LEADERS were just as approachable and friendly as I had long since learned them to be.

As stated by Cliff, he was a Gentleman... and in my dealings with him, he was a gentle man.

Thanks Lowell for inviting me to be a part, and making sure I knew I was welcome at the table.

Blue Skies Lowell,
Jim Wine
"just a skydiver with a rigger's ticket"
PIA Member
Always remember that some clouds are harder than others...

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So sorry to hear this news, Dori, Di, Kirk and I send our heart-felt condolences to you and your two sons. I think Lowell was the straightest-shooting guy we know, he always was very nice to our whole family, and he will be missed. I am so glad I got to see him at the tunnel in NC not long ago. If there is anything we can do don't hesitate to give us a call. Dave Verner

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I am so proud to have called you a friend.
I am so happy i had the chance to laugh with you in spain.
I lift my glass tonight to you and the rest of our skydiving family tonight.
Your smile will not fade my friend.
Your friend Travis

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