Hayden Rowan

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There was a bit of a hiccup getting Hayden home. The funeral director had confirmed with the airline that Hayden was on the plane from London, and drove up to Auckland to meet the plane and no Hayden - they had missed putting Hayden on the connection at London and arrived about 15 hours later.
We weren't able to view Hayden but did go and see the coffin and I put some photos on top of him skydiving, with the Moshi orphanage children who he adored, and a lovely face one of him smiling. He had a wonderful smile - nice memory.
We had Hayden's funeral yesterday with a very big turnout and it was a lovely tribute to Hayden. Some of Hayden's friends who had attended the School of Graphic Design (his career as a motion graphic designer before skydiving) with Hayden put together a wonderful video of his first and some other jumps. I might see if his friends can put it on skydivingmovies.com.
It was of course a very emotional day and very hard to believe I will never see my wonderful son again or Mike his brother and mate. Mike, as well as now pursuing his own skydiving dream, will also be carrying on Hayden's dream.

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