Jerry MacCauley killed in Iraq

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Jerry took care of me like a big brother when I was a baby skydiver. Did some CRW back in the day.... learned to take better care of my Van if I was gonna be living in it and driving it all over the damned place. I still think of him every time I clean my side mirrors....

Hope you went out beautifully Jerry. You did good while you were here.

Peace and Blue Skies!
Bonnie ==>Gravity Gear!

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This week, April 18th would be Jerry's 45th birthday. His family and loved ones are celebrating the life he shared with them and this message is to show them all some love...

On the site created for the family there have been many special comments and candles lit already, they have enjoyed seeing all the warmth and friendship and are adding their own items to it.

For this effort, let's light 45 candles and leave a photo or some great memories of Jerry to celebrate him with them.


If you'd rather, send comments and photos to [email protected] and they will be posted for you.

Happy Birthday Jerry, we truly miss you!

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It's been one year and as Belinda & Romie have a little remembrance for him in CA they have expressed great thanks for all the support and wishes --

The site for Jerry is a place they have had a chance to enjoy all the great things that friends have posted.

Please take a moment if you would like to and add your thoughts and wishes.

A site is now available for anyone that would like to visit it --


Light a candle for Jerry and his family.


Leave a favorite memory.


Post favorite photos.


Send a note to family email.

http://[email protected]

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I am very late to the remembrance. I'm responding to Bonnie's post because I knew Jerry and Bonnie both around the same time-frame, mostly at Perris Valley. Jerry gave me some advice for the AFF Camp I attended at Elsinore in '96, and I made some jumps with him.

Jerry was indeed larger than life. He wasn't always tactful - but he was always "Jerry." I recall something rather funny about Jerry and Tom Falzone's Stiletto....

Jerry's passing is definitely a loss.

Are we sure that's a good idea?

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