Chuck Embury

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Charles (Chuck) Embury died Oct. 15 after a long illness.
A Canadian, he joined Parachutes Incorporated in Orange, MA in 1969 and was an instructor, DZ manager, and sales manager. He moved to Lake Elsinore, CA, when PI ran operated its Center there.
He later became involved in hang gliding, and was seriously injured in a hang gliding accident.
He founded Embury Sky Systems in Lake Elsinore. He had many friends in both the skydiving and hang gliding communities.
Services will be held at the St Vincent's Church, 27931 Murrieta Road, Sun City, CA 92586 at 10 AM 22 Oct.
Maryanne Embury, his former wife, has asked that the attached message (a PDF document) be shared with "the skydiving world.


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I am very sorry to hear about Chuck. I jumped with him back in the 1960s, and he was a regular fixture at the many DZs around Ontario. He then moved to Orange Mass, and it wasnt long after that he had his accident.

I thought about him just two days ago, and wondered how he was.

He was a great guy.

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