Eternal 10-Way: Cecil Elsner

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I'm so sad about this tragedy and I hope this helps... -Scott

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My quiet friend, Cecil. We never got to do the things we planned... such a short time together, but plenty of time for you to kick my ass at foosball.
You will be missed... damn! You already are.
Time can be an illusion. I was sure there was plenty to get to know you better, and skydive with you for years. That too is lost. We all miss you.
"Don't it always seem to go that you don't know what you've got till it's gone?"

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Cecil, I am missing you.

I keep hoping to run into you on campus.

I keep hoping that your last moments were somehow peaceful.

I keep hoping that someone you pulled off a D.B. Cooper sort of stunt and that you're not really gone.

I wish we had more time.

Just a couple more jumps together so we could pull off all of the stuff that we talked about. I already had our next several jumps together planned. We would re-do the Western Washington jump with proper sunlight and on the next jump we'd launch a flower to 360 to flower to eagle to spock and carve. You were finally ready to start trying to turn some points.


"Life is a temporary victory over the causes which induce death." - Sylvester Graham

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