Eternal 10-Way: Jeff Ross

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I'm so sad about this tragedy and I hope this helps... -Scott

Connect yourself with others and share your thoughts here.

Help others get important information and coordinate your efforts.

Find old friends and make new ones.

Grieve. Share. Love. Heal.

Celebrate our beloved friend's life.

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That is the first word that comes to mind when I think about you. Awesome.

I LOVED your sense of humor. I could not possibly be around you and not be in a good mood. Wasn't possible. When you first started hanging around Snohomish I remember thinking, who is this strange guy in the pink helmet who knows my name and always greets me?

Well.. even though I was shy around you at first you kept talking.. and talking... and talking till we became buddies.

You were an awesome packer - and I'm not just saying that because you're gone and you're supposed to say nice things about dead people. No.. you were a damn good packer.

I'll miss seeing your friendly face.

Whenever I think of pink ninjas and pirates, I'll think of you.



"Life is a temporary victory over the causes which induce death." - Sylvester Graham

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