Blue Skies Wyat Drewes-Condolence Thread and Memorial Info

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Hey crazy Red!

Will miss ya calling out GGGGGGia [:/]

I will miss your mischievous genius mind!

Thanks for the good times in Elsinore. Damn what times we had at the lake house.

The Sunday meals after jumping. Hmmmm Spaghetti!

The hours watching Tigger play that stupid fucking game!

Clint in the window - plastic dinosaurs are our friend!

Getting caught on the upstairs balcony on New Years - you spied my ass!!!! :ph34r:

Beach jumps on New Years Eve - what was that clearance????

Christmas trees burn quickly, but make for good wind indicators - just follow the smoke!!

Glow in the dark frisbee on the beach after midnight.

How long did that Civic sit in the driveway... :D

Silly string ninja strikes at the DZ.

The Diana and Amy tandem bike.

Listening and offering a sympathetic ear at the DZ when Dave was being an ass.

POLE Dancing.

Jello-shots :)
Sharing a room in Loreto - I know you loved our morning fart contest!!! :)

You chewing my ass out for landing in the Sea of Cortez.



Thanks for the shitty spot and giving me my mini Saboba run!!!

Letting me ground crew for you was always so fucking amazing!

You had such a gift, you excelled no matter what it was. I hate that you had to leave us before you were able to conquer the world!!!!

Dammit Wyat - now you made me cry again.

See ya around.....


"Let's do something romantic this Saturday... how bout we bust out the restraints?"
Raddest Ho this side of Jersey #1 - MISS YOU
OMG, is she okay?

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Wyat in the short amount of time I knew you it seemed liked I knew you forever. You're kind hearted and witty remarks always got me. It was an honor to have shared the same sky with you my friend. Thank you for welcoming in a new guy and making him feel like an old friend.

Blue Skies Buddy!


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I know you hated these forums, so I'll keep it short. Thanks for all the great memories over the past few years - I'm so sorry you left us so soon. You will be sorely missed, my friend.

Blue skies Wyat.

P.S. Your bandit jump/James Bond video still makes me laugh till I cry.

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You taught me how to swoop. You taught me how to stay alive and look badass in the process. You taught a generation of canopy pilots how to control these contraptions.

You never sought the glory, but deserved every bit of it.

You inspired the hell out of me, both in skydiving and just being a rad dude in general.

We will all miss you up in Canada, Wyat.


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I only met you once, on my one trip down to visit Skydive SD. I only jumped with you once - my first 10+ person sunset tracking dive. I only talked with you for about a half hour. And yet that one day was enough to leave a big impression on me.

Thanks for showing us low-timers around the DZ & welcoming us like part of the family; thanks for the great conversation; and thanks for offering to jump with us without hesitation, without reservations...without us (40-jump wonders that we were) even asking. Should I ever get the opportunity, I'll do my best to pay it forward.

Blue skies.
Signatures are the new black.

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Wyat u always were able to explain all different skydiving concepts to me so that id understand....uv taught me a lot and i thank you. .....but ur spirit lives on & all of us are thinking of you & u will be in my thoughts & prayers........

see ya in the sky!

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Thanks for coming to Skyfest and shooting pics for us, brother. Glad we met back on the 42-ways... won't be a whacker-line like that again! Remember, when you get there... speed up. Thanks for being one of the coolest guys I've known.
Oh, hello again!

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Sad to hear...Blue Skies. Never met him, but did see him & co at the American Boogie this year. The Parabatix video is still one of my favorites.


Anyone have a link to any news articles? Surprised I couldn't find anything online yet if this happened a few days ago.

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