Raising money for Mariann Kramer's son at SkyFest

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I'll be auctioning off my gear at SkyFest and donating all proceeds and additional donations to Mariann Kramer's son Garrett.

Yellow with purple accent PIMP Mirage MSX 1/2
Yellow and purple 120 Stiletto that was Mariann's when it was new
PDR 113 - saved my life twice
Cypress from 1998

All in fantastic condition and well loved.

Please spread the word and repost. I'm hoping you will pull your monies and make this a wonderful gift for this most amazing little man!

If you can't make it and would like to donate you can PayPal to [email protected] I will send you a receipt.

Much love to you all!
Deva Serene
PMS #24 RDP #1 RDP #2
To fly, we have to have resistance. - Maya Lin

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I have a question. I was pretty good friends with Mariann and I recall that she was loaded. She was definitely not hurting for money. What has happened which has prompted you to auction off your gear and give her son this money? Isn't the child's father a doctor or something?

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Mariann was one of my best friends, and her son is very dear to me. He lost his mother. Although money in no way can make up for that, I want to contribute to his life in a meaningful way and want to use this as my contribution to his upbringing.

To answer the question above - it is my only rig. I've retired from skydiving :) but will still be rockin' it in the tunnels!

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