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It was nice seeing everyone last night. For those who could not attend, they had Papachulo's skydiving gear on display, skydiving video's playing in the background, a ton of great pictures of our Pimp Daddy and lots of great memories shared.

A bunch of us then went to Carolina Wings and toasted many a shot to our fallen brother.

I can not imagine that Papachulo would have wanted any other way.


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Jason, I bet your birthday was awesome this year..I can just see you and Ganja up there tying one on! Even though your birthday was on the 18th, I will probably always think of it as today. It's so hard to believe that exactly one year ago tonight, we were in Charleston celebrating the big 30 with you..

Happy Birthday Jason...see if you can get Ganja drunk enough to trick him with the "heads I win-tails you lose" game...

I miss ya my friend

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I knew a Jay Judice from many years ago when he
was stationed at Shaw AFB in Sumter.
He jumped a lot at Barnwell,SC in the early 1970's,
excellent jumper.

Just wondered if this person might have been kin to
him? Anyone know?

My sympathy to this man,his family and friends.

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