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April 22-1992

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I picked up the phone, and my father said "turn on CNN.  Were those the guys I was talking to last week?"

"That's them."

My father never jumped, but he enjoyed coming to the dropzone, talking to people while he took pictures, and he rode right seat in Papa Victor to take photos of groups exiting.

Flying back from Perris he said that he understood the appeal of the sport, and that I had great friends.

As an aside, a week later I was on the way to altitude on 9HW when Steve Woods made reference to seat belt use and Mike said "you'll never get skydivers to wear seat belts."

"Turn around."

Everyone was belted.

After Tommy Piras bounced AADs became de rigueur, and after PV you didn't see jumpers without seat belts on takeoff.  The tuition was dear, but the lessons seem to have been learned.





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