Condolence thread for Danny Page and Bob Holler

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Hi Michelle,
Thank you so much for such a wonderful letter to my brother.
I am so sorry for you loss. I am blown away to hear and read about my brother's life and how many people he touched.
If it's okay with you, I am going to post your letter for everyone to read at the service for Danny in Wisconsin.
Thank you again for hepling me get to know my brother.
Peace be with you.
Sincerely, Trish Page
Danny's sister

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My family and I would love a copy of Bob's last jumps. I got a cd at the memorial from laurel. maybe yours is the same. i don't know.

laurels was the last 6 months of Bobs jumps. Send me your address via pm. I'll get one in the mail to you


do you realize that when you critisize people you dont know over the internet, you become part of a growing society of twats? ARE YOU ONE OF THEM?

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There is a really nice piece on Glenn Beck on Headline News right now (7:31 EST). It's a tribute to the PJ - Combat Rescue. They may show it again later tonight. It is really great insight to what B.O.B. did!
"When you have tasted flight, you will always walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward; for there you have been and there you will always be." Leonardo da Vinci 1452-1519

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I’m writing this now because it’s been a few weeks and I have had a chance to get my thoughts together. Bob was a friend of mine, I’d like to say good friend. He certainly had better friends than me in the skydiving world.

Bob put me on my first +20 way at Crestview. He selected me over some of the locals; he wasn’t pleasant when he did it either. We all jump together that day and Bob and his wife told us that the sunset load would be determine by how you jumped that day. We went up and did a great jump.

Bob chewed my ass for a stupid landing pattern one time, but that night at the camp fire, he brought me a beer and asked me if I understood what he was upset about. Thank God I had reached an age (barely) where I would listen. I learned that night by listening that Bob didn’t have an ego in the game. He wanted you to be as safe and as good as you could be. People that would listen to Bob he would do the world for, if you didn’t listen than I guess he could be rough but most of my friends listened.

A few years ago I sat down with Bob (who had been on two or three WT records) and asked for help learning what I needed to do to get on the 06 record. Bob spent a good hour giving me the “inside” on the working of big ways. One of the hardest things to do is really get the “secret stuff” info, you not really going to get it at a camp or from the big organizers. He candidly point out my weakness. More importantly he told me who ass to kiss and who’s not to worry about because I would never get on there good side. When he was finished, that was it. He would check in. When I did get a slot he was almost as happy as me. (Molly was a close second) While we did the jumps he keep me calm. At my house, as weird as it my sound, I have a rule. Two skydiving related pictures max. One of these two pictures is of Bob, my best friend, my plane captain and co-plane captain-taken 10 minutes after we got the record.

Bob had been doing “Bob Big ways” at Deland. He was having fun and he made them fun. He was also bringing up more people. They weren’t perfect but they were fun…..I miss them already.

I was on Bob’s last jump and will forever believe that I was blessed to be the pull out at 5K. When I landed it was for the most part over. Not a day has gone by since then that I haven’t thought of Bob. Briefer as the time goes on. Tonight at a dinner party some one ask “Did you know these two guys that……..” I’ve answered that question every time by say “Yes, both, one better than the other and he was a hell of a guy”

Bob was a hell of a guy, a great American. A person anyone who knew him would be proud to say they did. In all the hype of the world he was the real thing. B.O.B –I would add, “Because of Bob I’m a better person”

Kevin Keenan is my hero, a double FUP, he does so much with so little

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Trish darlin, we are all so sorry for you. Losing someone you love is the most terrible thing ever. I lost a parent and many other family and friends. This is the worst part of life and I hate it.

I do have one more story for you. If my old boyfriend is reading this, he will remember and probably laugh. And I am sure Danny will laugh too as we all did when it happened. We were on a skydive that Danny organized. With Danny being the organizer, he would key to the next point. Anyhow, we were having fun on the jump and my old boyfriend started keying along with Danny. Well Danny didn't like that and wapped him in the face shield. So hard that it cracked. Here we are, falling 120 mph laughing our asses off. Needless to say, Danny did replace the shield but the whole moment was so priceless.

OMG... what I would give to have him back.

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Thank you for your email.
Danny's ashes will be released on the 28th of this month.
in Raeford NC. It should be a nice event. I am doing a road trip from
Chicago. You can see a video that I made in honor of my brother.
It's on my website on the home page.
I will add you story to the board that will be displayed at his service in
Wisconsin. That is this weeekend the 22nd.
Thank you again.
Peace, Trish Page

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I am so shocked I don't know what to say. We just found out yesterday, a month later. How I would have loved to been in Deland to see him off. Bob was my friend, Bob was my husbands friend, Bob was many peoples friend. There is a hole in my heart, there is a hole in the heart of the world. I miss you Bob, thanks for all the love.

Karen & Dale

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(by Cheeto Rodriguez)

I heard the news, my friend passed away,
I don’t know what to do, or what to say,
I look at the past, so much laughter, so much love,
And now my friend is looking down from above,
If I would have known how life would unfold,
So many things were left untold,
I should have said “I Love You My Friend”,
But now it’s too late, life has come to an end,
Every day is a gift, for you and for me,
To see another sunrise, we have no guarantee,
The Good Lord let us share life for a while,
And the memory of my friend will always make me smile…….

Cheeto "Blue Skies My Friend" Rodriguez

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To All,
And here are the details:

1000: Show at DZ...waivers, etc....
1030-1600: Jump with the "Grommets"

Meaning: This is our chance to share our knowledge with the "younger jumpers"...as Danny was an awesome mentor

Example: On my 27th jump I did a 4 way w/ 2 Golden Knights and 1 ex- Golden Knight...from a C-182....a jump I will NEVER forget....I want us to share that with "the next generation"....

This will be at your cost but it's about sharing our knowledge...I have some lift tickets if you need them....

1600: Practice jump for the ash scattering
Dive Plan:
1 video outside (Jake)
5 floaters (Chris Wagner is in charge of them)
Bill and Mark w/ the "ash bag"
Tim and Matt
Inside video (Arvil)
All others
Bill, Mark, Mat, and Tim build star
Inside vdeo set up
Divers...dive and build star...
8K....ash release
7K Missing man leaves...Chris Wagner??...(hopefully to the west, landing out)
5K Big star breaks...
4K Inner star breaks....
Safe landings....recover missing man....
1630 - 1800 Repack, debrief, adjust slots if required....

BBQ Dinner....no Miller Lites or Patron Tequila for the jumpers :-)

1915: 123rd STS takes off
1930: 123rd jumps, flys flags
1935: Load
1950: Exit for ash release....Schmick it....anything else is unacceptable....

2000: Pssstt...Miller Lites.....

Tim Tennant

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I wish you could have been here. Lots of love, fun, BBQ, and movies...speaking of movies (it was a "film festival")....send an email to Tony Thacker who has compiled all of them and will send you a DVD compilation...all he needs is your mailing address...you can reach him via jumpraeforddotcom...

"CG" from Atlanta took a ton of photos...please help me get in touch with him.

Tim Tennant

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hey laurel, got the patch looks awesome great job. A few people here want some so i have give them your email address.

do you realize that when you critisize people you dont know over the internet, you become part of a growing society of twats? ARE YOU ONE OF THEM?

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