Goodbye Dan McFadden

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There are no words to convey what Dan meant to me. We were best friends for life.

Dan, I'm going to miss you every day of my life. You have opened doors for me with a smile and unwavering confidence. You've taught me so much about patience (who said it was put into practice?) and the value of just observing. You were so good at what you did, the sky has a big hole in it right now that will never fill up.

I take comfort that you went doing what you love. I take comfort knowing you were good at what you did. I take comfort knowing you were respected and accomplished. I take comfort remembering every single word, ever single glance, every single argument, every single agreement we've exchanged. I'll remember all the time in the air with you and times we were threatened to be shot down. You taught me that one way or another, we'll always land and not to be afraid of that. I take comfort knowing that you loved me and I you. Rest well, my friend, you've earned it. Thank you for everything you've taught me and know that you will never ever be gone from me. Love always~~April

Camelot II, the Electric Boogaloo!

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Dan's funeral will be in Canton Ohio this saturday, the information can be found at Yahoo Groups "hpcskydivers". For those that can, Dan's family welcomes the skydiving community. For those who cannot Hartwood will have a memorial day on saturday 10/30/04 the info is also on the same site. If this too is unattainable for you, we understand, organize a sunset load in Dan's name at your home dz;or, if this too cannot be accomplised...a moment of thought and reflection will be the greatest gift of all. Blue skies to all, Ron Outlaw

"Once you've tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been and there you long to return." - Leonardo daVinci

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