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Paul Rafferty - post vibes here

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My deepest condolences to all of Paul's family and friends.

Blue Skies, Paul, I wish I would have met ya. [:/]
She is Da Man, and you better not mess with Da Man,
because she will lay some keepdown on you faster than, well, really fast. ~Billvon

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My heartfelt prayers are sent to those who loved him, and who mourn his passing. May you rest comfortably with the knowledge that he is safe, happy, pain-free, and in eternal freefall.

Paul, thank you for all that you did. You must have been an amazing soul to touch so many. Thank you for teaching other souls to fly, to smile, and to be free. You are now free as well. Blessed be, Paul, and may you fly with angels at your side always.

To all Paul's friends and family, you are never alone. Paul smiles in every ray of sunshine, his laughter is heard laced into the breeze, and his heart shines in every dawn and sunset.

Chuck, I am hurting for you.

My prayers and love to all who hurt and grieve. Blessed be.


~Do Angels keep the dreams we seek
While our hearts lie bleeding?~

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I can see Paul arguing with Saint Peter for an extended stay Earth pass right now, trying to tell him about some of the things he still wanted to do. I can see Peter pat him on the back and say "We know, but Paul my young angel, you have done far more then any man need. Besides, we need your help up here. These guys don't know how to fly. You start teaching in 1 hour, first load is tomorrow at 8."

Thanks for letting me fly with you Paul. Until next time.
Bill - Chuck - love you guys - see you soon

Having something never beats doing (>|<)
Iam building things - Iam working on my mind- I am going to change this world - its what I came here 4- - -

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We have lost a wonderful person. Never a bad word about anyone, and from all the posts here, never a bad word FROM anyone. I look at the Cross Keys site, and there was Paul's smiling face. Heck, I'd have loved to put in a resume to them to see if they needed another elevator operator, just to work with Paul.
Bill, my thoughts are with you. I am sure that you have lots of messages, but I will try some time to call. Thinking of you both, Bro.

"When a man dies, an unknown world passes away."
Antoinne St, Expury
Hartwood Paracenter - The closest DZ to DC!

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It has been a long time since I have felt a hurt like this. His legacy will go on.
To Alexa, Bill, Dorthy, and Ruth, you are the center of our prayers and love. I feel so fortunate that I knew Paul and had the opportunity to jump with him. I will forever miss the times at the DZ that I spent with him. He has made a gigantic impact on so many people.
Paul, you had the ability to bring joy to anyone around you. You will be sorely missed. Blue skies my brother,

- Does this small canopy make my balls look big? - J. Hayes -

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To Alexa, Bill, Nicole, Chuck Stephan, and Kim, all his family and friends. I am very sorry for this terrible loss, and the anguish you hearts are feeling.

He was a great guy, whom I had the cahnce to meet twice, in Z-hills and in X-keys.

All I can wish for you is that you find peace and the strength to cherish his memory without pain.

Blue skies Paul[:/]
"According to some of the conservatives here, it sounds like it's fine to beat your wide - as long as she had it coming." -Billvon

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