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So I finally get round to it... Kat x

I met Ethen in Dubai, when I went to jump at Umm Al Quwain. He was out there working in Abu Dhabi for a few months. 'Working' was perhaps not the right word - Ethen was the master of blagging, changing flights, abusing a company credit card, filling a 5-star hotel room with homeless skydivers and then being praised for it! Respect. That T-shirt "Work sucks, let's go skydiving" was made for him. :)
You meet a lot of awesome people skydiving, but Ethen was one of the most friendly, fun and generous people I've ever met. Some of those jumps I did with him in UAQ were honestly the most fun I've ever had skydiving. He'll be remembered there for corrupting new AFF graduates and his love of jumping with inflatable toys. First it was the inflatable killer whale, then the inflatable plane, then the dinghy... B|

Ethen was generous to a fault, the kind of guy who'd do anything for his friends - even ones he'd just made. He offered me a place to stay before we'd even met. I owe him big time for looking after me in Dubai. He was the kind of guy who'd get up at 9am on New Year's Day just to save you getting a taxi from the airport. The kind of guy who after wrestling a brand new canopy would finish your packjob too just to get on the same lift. The kind who'd buy you more Bullfrogs when you'd clearly had too many...who'd make you stay out & party until you missed your flight... No doubt Emirates cabin crew miss him too. ;)

You all know how much he loved skydiving; he said it helped him through bad times. When his brand new rig arrived there was no wiping that grin from his face. Yep that was a big mischevious grin. Like when we got into the lift of the Crowne Plaza tower wearing our rigs saying "top floor please" :D

There are so many daft ways Ethen should have got hurt. Car surfing, driving on the wrong side of the road, letting me drive his hire car... singing karaeoke... :S

Well Mr. Ethen, so far people have only written lovely things about you, I'll have to change that now.
He was really shit at navigating round Sharjah - I don't think I've ever seen the same roundabout so many times in 2 hours. Sorry mate, but you did say I'd never let you live it down - SHEIKH FUCKIN ZAYED ROAD. That's the last time, I promise. Ethen also sucked at wakeboarding. :P

He was an instantly likeable open person who very quickly became someone I thought would be a good friend for life. I'm lucky to have met Ethen at all, I wish I had known him for longer. :|

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There are quite a few photos on www.steveontheweb.net. From the homepage, just follow the links - Skydiving - Skydive HPC - LAC Meet - Night. For anyone who didn't know Ethan, his is the first picture (extreme close-up!) in that set. Once you've seen that one, you'll be able to recognise him in all the others.

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