Condolences to friend sof Greg Hunter

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News of Greg Hunter's tandem accident in Hawaii (22 Dec 2002) brought tears to my eyes.
Greg and I crossed paths many times in Perris from 1992 to 2000. Love him or hate, but you could not ignore the big man with an even bigger smile.
The sky will be smaller with Greg's passing.
Prelimiary reports are too vague for us to know what ended Greg's adventures. We do know that he pulled all of his handles, all but one drogue release. So he died doing everything he knew to save his student. Greg went with honor.
Tomorrow I plan to inspect all the closing loop son all our tandem rigs and replace the couple that are showing the first hints of fraying.
Via con dios mi amigo Greg.

For details and updates see the string in INCIDENTS.

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can't find the words really...but I wanted to say..something..even if it is on a forum.

blue skies doesn't seem enough, really.

You are missed, Greg. Will never forget you. I hope you are in a better place with peace in your soul.

As with Margaret, the tandem passenger, too.

It certainly isn't a merry Christmas for both of their families. I pray for all who is hurting, now. And also for the safety of my brothers and sisters around the world. Love every jump and I hope for soft landings for everyone.

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