Troy Milowaters

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Received this email this afternoon:


I hope you all will join me in saying a prayer for our skydive brother Troy
Milowaters. On Tuesday Troy died from injuries sustained after a low turn
at the Ranch.

Troy was one of the most easy going guys I knew, he was a master mechanic,
freeflyer and traveler. He always had a warm inviting smile, like a beacon
it was from of his spirit. It was this honest smile and easy going way
which made Troy a truly beautiful person. When I think of Troy I will smile
easily and share the joy he always had.

A memorial service will be held for Troy this Saturday, September 14. It
will take place at the Ranch at sunset (7pm). I am sorry there are no
further details to share at this time, any further info will be posted at

Please express your love and care to those close to him.

And if you can join friends at Puck Fair this evening as we remember and
raise a glass to Troy.

Fly Free Troy

BSBD brother

Let's be careful out there...

Landing without injury is not necessarily evidence that you didn't fuck up... it just means you got away with it this time

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I am saddened everytime one of us dies...

I am so sorry for you loss and wish you, his family and the rest of his friends comfort and peace...

I will raise a glass with you in his honor from here.

Love to all that he left behind.


have fun, love life, be nice to the humans

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the memorial was so moving - a three-otter fly-by, touching words by Billy Richards and by Troy's parents who were unbelievably composed and strong. the sight of all the skydivers out on the landing area supporting each other was incredible - a true testament to the ties that join all skydivers as family.

to Troy: freefall forever, baby
comfort and hope to all who knew and loved him
spiral out...keep going...

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