President Obama $4.2 trillion budget proposal for 2017 [ON TOPIC]

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The proposal would boost total spending by 4.9 percent, mainly as a result of increases in mandatory programs, most notably Social Security, and a rise in interest payments on the national debt. In keeping with the two-year budget deal struck with Congress in December, the president requested only a slight increase, less than 1 percent, in discretionary spending programs overall, although Republicans blasted him for profligate spending.

SOURCE: https://www.washingtonpost.com/business/economy/obamas-final-budget-proposal-calls-for-an-almost-5-percent-spending-boost/2016/02/09/0286da7e-cf3a-11e5-b2bc-988409ee911b_story.html

Graphical Breakdown

Personal Viewpoint:

While not bad; not great either. I'd like to see us be able to more aggressively lower the deficit and the debt.

And, I'd still like to see the government be required to do zero-based rather than incremental budgeting.

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Unfortunately, or not, it's completely caught up in politics. The Budget Committee isn't even going to hold a hearing on it or present it.

Because Obama, you know.

I'd've liked to have seen us go farther down the path that the "fix the budget" committee outlined, painful though it would have been. Not all the way, but head down there. A little at a time things can be addressed. Not all at once.

Wendy P.
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Other than the proposed $10+ per barrel tax on oil, the following caught my eye:

"Even so, the administration projects that the deficit would grow steadily and that interest payments on the national debt would double over the next four years." I think the increase in the national debt over the past 7 years is criminal and we need a true "balanced budget" law. No smoke and mirrors, just "Do we add to the deficit?" Yes, easier said than done, I know.

Also: "The administration’s deficit-reducing proposals include $955 billion from curbing 'inefficient tax breaks for the wealthy' and closing loopholes for high- income households." The word "loopholes" is a great sound bite. Garner support by making people think that others are getting something they aren't and/or make them believe that people aren't paying "their fair share." Of course, many of the angry people pay little or nothing.
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