Would you be ok with Americans being able to legally consume THC.

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I know plenty of people who smoke weed daily basis and have successful life.



and I also know plenty of people who doesn't do shit, and they smoke weed on daily basis.

Exactly. You could take any of the anecdotes people tell about weed causing laziness, insert the corresponding words for consuming alcohol, and it would read exactly the same. My friend divorced her first husband because he was lazy (and lied about it regularly). He'd quit his job, then spend his days lying around smoking weed (by himself or with friends) when she thought he'd gone to work. She wouldn't know he didn't have a job until the bills came due, and he didn't have a paycheck to contribute to their expenses (and hers wasn't sufficient by itself).

Now, replace "smoking weed" with "getting drunk" or simply "drinking," and the story is just as valid. Yet, we don't outlaw alcohol because we blame it for this guy's laziness. We blame the lazy guy for wasting his time getting high all day (regardless of the intoxicant). Bottom line: either of these substances can be abused. And when made outside of regulations, both can be created (grown) with higher and more dangerous levels of the intoxicating elements. If you're worried about public safety, keep them both legal. Regulate the substances, and test regularly. Then tax the sales so we can pay for the oversight. :)
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I know plenty of people who smoke weed daily basis and have... uhh.... umm... B| something....


Wait . . . . Whaaaaaaaat?
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