A compehensive guide to logical fallacy

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Giant is defined as of great size, strength or mind.
An example of something giant is an ice cream sundae with 10 scoops of ice cream and six toppings.

The definition of a giant is a huge human being who fought with the gods in Greek mythology, or any great-sized or great-minded person.
An example of a giant is Goliath in the story of "David and Goliath."


The definition of a surprise is something unexpected or unusual.
An example of surprise is an offer of marriage and a ring while on a hiking trip.

Surprise is defined as to cause someone to feel amazed at something unexpected, do or say something unintentional.
An example of surprise is organizing a birthday party for someone without them knowing about it.

Surprise means to encounter, capture or attack without warning.
An example of surprise is hiding behind a corner and jumping out just as someone walks by using sarcasm.

sarcasm [sär′kaz′əm]

The definition of sarcasm is mocking humor, or the use of irony to make a joke.
If someone can see you are plainly sick with a cold and they ask how you are feeling and you rudely comment "never better," this is an example ofsarcasm.
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