Jumping for a living without insurance?

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It comes down to this. HONESTY. When I bought my policy I was asked if I participated in any "high risk activities." The list is actually quite long and has stuff that I would never consider high risk. I got two quotes. One as if I wasn't involved in any of the activities on the list and the other to cover me as a jumper. Keep in mind that this was a $500K 20 year term life insurance. I'm in my mid-30s, in shape and zero health problems. First quote was just under $30 per month. Second quote was for just over $500 per month.

Here's the point. If you're open and tell them what you're looking for you can get coverage. That said, you will pay for it!

Also, what you need to ask is what their "period of contestability" is. Most insurance companies are two years. This means that when you fill out the application you're giving them what you do or do not do right now as well as for the next two years. If you purchase a policy right now most insurance companies will cover you if you start jumping 3 years from now.

there's a lot of ins, a lot of outs, a lot of what-have-yous

Thanks for the info "period of contestability".

Regarding need for honesty when obtaining any insurance coverage, I agree.

In this case, this is not the issue regarding his USPA life insurance coverage obtained...
given his past 20 years as full time Instructor May-Nov yearly, his then-present, & hopes to continue in future as he had his own small dz, (& helped out at other dz's) were the basis he obtained the policy in the 1st place.

His wife & I have often discussed how at the start of every season (as I'm sure many SO who chose skydiving as their choice of profession) they have had "the talk"...
"you know someday something may happen..."

My husband & myself have it every season start, as well !

We all (they) are aware of the risks, therefore the additional reason some go with life insurance specifically for skydiving coverage.

But, when the worst case scenario, like this occurs, IMO denying is more than inexcusable !!!

Thanks to you all who have shed some input & advice.
I have passed them on to her.

She is grateful, no doubt in my mind, he would be as well !

~BlueSkies ~ B|

~BSBD Paul ~

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Then a woman here (AirAnn) posted about all her expenses - including medical - and how she was going to lose her house over them. I sent her some money, which she thanked me for.

About a week later I read about the new camera helmet she was buying, and in another post she mentioned that she was going to spend some time on her tanning bed in her garage.

I was taught this lesson very young before I had to experience it myself, which I am very thankful for. Essentially, what I was told was never to lend money you need for yourself and/or expect to ever see back. And, never to give money you expect to be spent as you see fit.

We give/donate money all the time. Understanding this beforehand has always been good for my friendships and relationships.


Now although I still contribute to such causes I make sure beforehand that they really do need it, and aren't just hopping on the "hey, free money" bandwagon.

W/r/t friends/family I do not care. If I have it to give and I want to, I do regardless. Having said that, some people will never be too grateful or satisfied. Someone I care about very much believes I should be supporting them, despite they play golf several times/week, smoke habitually, etc. I do not financially support this person and have made it clear I am not/will not be their retirement plan. But, I still send this person money for special occasions and always pay when we visit. I never think about or concern myself with how it is spent.

W/r/t charitable organizations, etc. I always look at how the monies are utilized beforehand and completely agree with you on this point. My best friend always runs for Susan G. Komen and sends a mass email for support. I have never sent her money supporting her run because I do not like how Susan G. Komen utilizes their funds. I support American Breast Cancer Research and others instead. I cannot stress enough how important it is to check your causes/charities before donating to them.
Paint me in a corner, but my color comes back.

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LOL. You will have to excuse me.. I have Aspergers, which means that I tend to take things quite literally UNLESS it is blatant snark or sarcasm.
I am better with the more blatant sarcasm, but there are nuances that I do not 100% grasp.

In any event, I like my car ;)
Skydiver Survivor; Battling Breast Cancer one jump at a time. DX June 19th 2014
I have been jumping since October 5th 2013.

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