Romney ‘Not Concerned About the Very Poor’

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I think the news outlets are doing just fine without my personal experience or opinions.

10 years ago, Romney insisted on a UHP officer being fired because the officer wouldn't back down when Romney wanted to drive up a snow-covered canyon at the Olympics.
The officer reported that Romney repeatedly used the word "fuck" as in "Do you know who the fuck I am?"

When the story came out, Romney denied the use of the word, saying (paraphrased) "I've never used a word worse than H E double hockey sticks in my life."

He maintained that position until Robert Flowers asked him at the officer's hearing "Would you like to hear the recording, sir?"

Romney withdrew the charges. The story is out there, I'm too lazy to search it down for you. I expect it will re-surface as the election draws closer.

Yeah, this is his second run, never came out the first time, hasn't come out to date but you know all about it..."just to lazy to search it down" I'll hold my breath cause I'm sure it's coming.....

No, I don't know him like a bowling buddy and don't claim to. My most recent personal interaction with him was 10 years ago.

I wasn't alive when Mitt Romney was 12.
Read Romney's bio. In it, his father speaks of "knowing Mitt was going to be president when Mitt was 12."

Jeez, I don't know if you have kids...but I've told my daughters (3) that they could be president. Guess that's ok as long as I don't put it in a book?

Read his books, and Romney's story of how Bill Bain hired Romney. Then read the Vanity Fair quotes from Bill Bain. It's a very interesting read. Go from there to Romney's claim of how he "funded Staples" when in truth, he was opposed to the investment. "The most thorough analysis of Romney’s performance comes from a private solicitation for investment in Bain Capital’s funds written by the Wall Street firm Deutsche Bank. The company examined 68 major deals that had taken place on Romney’s watch. Of those, Bain had lost money or broken even on 33. "

This is what is sad. I'm sure EVERYTHING he did was a loser and his wealth....well they just gave it to him?? Do you think every deal works out? Do all of yours? I'd doing good if about every third one does.

Honestly, I don't care that he's the person I believe him to be. I don't even care about his business acumen.

I do believe Americans should be more concerned with his ecclesiastical background. I could not vote for him on this foundation alone.

Take aside his four-faced persona, he either is a devout Mormon or he isn't. He claims to be. He makes all appearances to be. His family is very highly placed in LDS positions, and his cousin was the president of the LDS church. He was a church leader in his community, later at the stake, and eventually regional level.

The fact that Obama had a preacher that was out there doesn't matter - and Romney being a Mormon doesn't either. If he is a GREAT ONE or a FALLEN ONE. On or off...it shouldn't matter. Is he selling that he is sure, if that offends you that bad you can't vote for anyone because be it relegion or whatever they all do it.

"Some of the leading men in Kirtland were much opposed to Joseph the Prophet, meddling with temporal affairs... In a public meeting of the Saints, I said, 'Ye Elders of Israel, ... will some of you draw the line of demarcation, between the spiritual and temporal in the Kingdom of God, so that I may understand it?' Not one of them could do it..." (Brigham Young)

"I defy any man on earth to point out the path a Prophet of God should walk in, or point out his duty, and just how far he must go, in dictating temporal or spiritual things. Temporal and spiritual things are inseparably connected, and ever will be." (George Romney, quoting Brigham Young).

If Romney is devout as he claims to be, shouldn't America be concerned about a man who takes his commands from God, and has sworn in the LDS Temple to always suborn himself to the commands of the Prophet of the LDS church? Are Republicans actually voting for Thomas S Monson (who probably would be a significantly better POTUS)?

Romney will win the republican chick vote though. He's got better hair than any of the others.

Having said all that, thank you for reminding me of why Speakers Corner is not a place for me. This election is one of those rare times that politics, religion, and personal experiences cross paths.

You welcome. thanks for reminding me the number of people in S.C. that will write nothing but bs based on personal knowledge that can't be confirmed and then write long replies basically proving that they can't.

Closing with I'm not sold on Romney at all but as a country we have to make changes. We cannot keep up the way we are going. Rich, middle, poor we have to change. Obama is going to be more of the same. Newt is unelectable for some good reason. I wish we had another choice but as it sits now. 4 more years of what we have had will be the end of the country.

Disclamier. I have not personal meet Obama. My family and his have never done any business.

Kevin Keenan is my hero, a double FUP, he does so much with so little

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>Or are you commenting on he saw a poll that is making him push for the middle class?

No, I'm commenting on him changing his mind.

Jan 13: "If you've been out of work for a long period of time, you know these numbers are not just statistics. These numbers are real people, and real suffering. . . I'm concerned about the poor in this country. We have to make sure the safety net is strong and able to help those who can't help themselves."

Feb 1: "“I’m not concerned about the very poor. We have a safety net there."

It's very simple:

1. interested or affected
2. troubled or anxious
3. having a connection or involvement; participating

One can show an interest in someone without being troubled or anxious about them.

Who said anyting about be anxious or troubled? In January he said he was concerned, that we had to bolster the safety net, and two weeks later he said he wasn't concerned, the safety net is fine. What amazing changes happened in those two weeks to cause him to be less "interested"?


Not only is he simultaneously concerned and not concerned, he has endorsed the Ryan plan for drastic cuts in federal spending — with almost two-thirds of the proposed spending cuts coming at the expense of low-income Americans. His Medicaid proposal appears to involve a 40 percent reduction in funding compared with now.

Mitt’s position is that we need not worry about the poor thanks to programs that he insists don’t actually help them, and which he intends, in any case, to destroy.

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You welcome. thanks for reminding me the number of people in S.C. that will write nothing but bs based on personal knowledge that can't be confirmed and then write long replies basically proving that they can't.

[edited to fix bold]

Look in the mirror...:S

-SL Tribune archives; the story is there. You have the names.
-Romney's books: (available in any bookstore). I bought/read them. Have you? Otherwise, your quote about what your daddy may have told you isn't at all relevant to what I wrote.
-Romney's father's statements: Available on BYU's website, and available in George Romney's own bio. I'm sure they're elsewhere.
-LDS Church doctrine: Readily available to anyone, any time, any where.
-LDS Church prophecy of a Mormon president; was brought up during Romney's last campaign, his daddy's campaign, and Joseph Smith's 1844 campaign (history trivia, Joseph Smith was the first presidential candidate ever assassinated).

Which part of the above can't you confirm?

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Look in the mirror...

What statement have I made that needs to be proven?

Your comments prove you have a hard on for Romney, you basically say in a public forum that you have PERSONALLY delt with him and he isn't trust worthy.

Why don't you man up and just tell us what he did to you or your family business that was so bad?

You don't give a shit what I think, I feel the same but I didn't throw out to the world that I have some information that shows that he sucks.

Oh yeah, I did business with Obama....he really sucks.....
Kevin Keenan is my hero, a double FUP, he does so much with so little

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