America is Obama’s Vietnam

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Hey, lookie what I found on the interweb. I've run across this guys stuff in old Skydiving news magazines.

"America is Obama’s Vietnam"

Ever since the last helicopter left Saigon, the specter of “another Vietnam” has haunted most American presidents who used force abroad. Ronald Reagan’s efforts in the Caribbean Rim were likened to another Vietnam. George H.W. Bush heard the same mantra during the Gulf War (though not for long). There were even “is this another Vietnam?” questions percolating during Bill Clinton’s Kosovo action.

More recently, people talked for years that Iraqwas George W. Bush’s Vietnam, and talked on after Barack Hussein Obama became president that Afghanistan might become his Vietnam.

The good news? It’s not.

The bad news? He ended up mired in his own Vietnam anyway and the even worse news is that the village he’s destroying to save is our own.

Obama’s Vietnam is America.


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You know RH pretty much never posts in Speakers Corner. Presumably there's a reason for that.

You're not suggesting Mothra is a sock puppet for Robin are you? Pretty darn sure that's not the case. Oh, Mothra is absolutely a sock puppet, but . . . not Robin.

Now, in acknowledging that, I probably should just ban the sock puppet and the user. However, I'm just going to ban the sock puppet and lock the thread.
quade -
The World's Most Boring Skydiver

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