The continuous Jihad explained...

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The only good terrorist is a dead terrorist

Are you suggesting the mass murderers of the US and coalittion forces should be killed then, the war crmes that are committed every day constitute terrorism, or is it just muslim extremists that are terrorists in your mind??

Bin ladens death and the celebrations that come with it are prime example of how stupid people have become.

he had a gun, then he didn't, he was hinding behind a woman, then he was not, he was dumped into the ocean less than 24 hour later, yet they managed to confirm his DNA in that time.


What a joke, If anybody thinks that spending a trillon dollars, a decade, hundreds of thousands of innocent lives and destroying the largest economy on the planet in order to get one sick old dude is a victory, then they are an idiot.

Only an idiot would overlook the stupidity of that whole sutuation, and the blatant lies that have been told.

Dissonance and fear created that stupidity, once you are committed to a side, there is no changing... is there?

Many of you should be ashamed of yourselves for contributing to the deaths and destruction of many innocents through simple ignorance.

but hey, I am just a moronic radiphobe that has no clue...


what ever happened to patriotism? wave a flag and smile people.
"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, then the world will see peace." - 'Jimi' Hendrix

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Get a life you fucking moron, Or take a pil, or something.
Did you look at video, did you not get a laugh?

If you can't get a life perhaps you could get sense of fucking humour.
Watch my video Fat Women

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