Should the U.S. intervene in Libya?

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I am happy for you

So glad things are coming back together

Thanks Marc...It's still gonna be a challenge, but it's a challenge/opportunity I'm very thankful for.

btw, sorry to get all personal/emotional and kill the thread.:$
Your secrets are the true reflection of who you really are...

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Your poll is missing an option. It should be:


I vote FUCK NO!!!

I agree completely! FUCK NO

The following is reposted from another post. (Because I'm too lazy to rant again.)

I've been all for helping the little guy in the past. But this time? Nah. The Libyan government (legal or not, he's there, so he's the government) is putting down civil unrest in his own damn country. It's a civil war! As in Libyans fighting Libyans! Who are we to tell him how much force to use to put down civil unrest caused by criminals? Criminals(as in breaking his laws) are dealt with within each country as the people(persons) in power choose.

We have and USE the death penalty. Some countries don't like that. But are they over here telling us we can't kill our own people? Nope! WE decide how to deal with our criminals, let him decide how to deal with his. We need to stay out of civil wars. Period.

Rant over. Soap box put away. 4 years to retirement, then it's 4:20 somewhere.
CYA!....up there

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