Can you identify each of these firearms?

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a. AR15 .223
b. AR15
c. AR15 .223
d. Shotgun 12ga. Benelli
e. AR 15 m4 5.56
f. Rem pump 30-06
g. ? lever 45/70
h. AR10 .308
i. uzi 9mm
j. Ak47 7.62X39
K. pellet gun .177
l. Rem. bolt 7mag

Someone dies, someone says how stupid, someone says it was avoidable, someone says how to avoid it, someone calls them an idiot, someone proposes rule chan

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I already posted the answers.

Thanks for trying, but you really missed on the L1A1 FAL, and the Savage MKII in .22lr, but I admit it looks like a larger rifle does.

The clue on that rifle was the spring clip that surrounds the bolt, that only happens with a rimfire iirc.

The Talon SS is capable of 1200fps with a 36 grain .22cal pellet.

But it's strong point is subsonic work, it rocks!

Quiet as can be!

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