FL Republicans for Obama

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So Im talking to my dad back in Fl and he tells me after seeing Palin in interviews he has "no confidence in her whatsoever" and subsequently questions Mccains judgment. He says " I just dont understand what his (McCains) motivation was". Then my forever voting Republican, great depression living dad says he will be voting Democrat for the first time. We then go into a long discussion about some of Obamas policies and he is on-board.

During the conversation he also mentions my brother, my 500K+ per year earning, bible beating brother feels the same way. That he and his wife are more worried what she could do to us in the world if she is in any position of power. So of course I then call my brother directly and he says "its not worth the risk", and he and his wife will not be voting for her. They liked McCain but she makes the ticket unacceptable. I personally couldnt see how they could approve of McCain but whatever, if Palins that much of an anchor that so be it.

My mom isnt on board yet but what can we expect she still says that Saddam attacked us on 911 and thats why we are in Iraq.

I may be getting back to FL for a visit soon!!

It is a gold star day!!!
take a deep breath, relax and don't clinch your teeth together, it will all be over in a couple of minutes...

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